Different Types Of Online Psychologist And What They Do

When we think about a psychologist, we immediately think about a man or women sitting in an office and writing notes with a client on the chair. Many therapists do talk therapy, but there are many fields in psychology. Here are some of the specialities of the My fit Brain: online psychologist .

1.    Biopsychologist

They are also called biological or physiological psychologists. Their primary work is to study the brain and its behaviour. They examine the neural base of behaviour to understand different biological factors that impact how people react, think, feel, and act. Also, biopsychologists study how brain injury affects the function of the brain and the behaviour of the people. By understanding all this, doctors can treat people and many brain illness and trauma.

2.    Clinical Psychologists

These types of psychologists diagnose and treat individuals suffering from distress and mental illness. Clinical Online Psychologist are trained individuals with specialisation in the psychological treatment of mental, behavioural and emotional illnesses, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). They are the ones who are most sought online psychologist who also performs psychotherapy and development various treatment plans for the patients.

They don’t use medication for treatment but rather use many psychological techniques. Other than psychotherapy they perform a variety of activities psychological testing, research, and teaching. You can consult a clinical psychologist in hospitals or online where you consult for many behavioural problems violence, suicide, and severe mental distress.

Their skill set includes-

    They understand a much broader aspect of mental issues and why they occur at young ages.

    They perform a test on the patients and assess the score in order to provide more effective treatments.

    Also, they have a profound knowledge of mental disorders and how to diagnose and treat it.

    They perform research and collect data to understand the patient mental condition better.

3.    Comparative Psychologists

They study the behaviour of human and other species and how their behaviour differs. In some aspect, human behaviour is similar to the animals and work on the assumption of some degree the laws of behaviour are the same for all species. There is much observation made from the study of animals like rats and dogs which have been proven valuable in the history of psychology.

4.    Counselling Psychologist

They specialise in providing psychotherapy to patients suffering from psychological disturbances, behavioural problems, emotional difficulties, stress, depression and other mental issues. With the counselling, many people can improve their well being where psychotherapist addresses different emotions, social, work, school and physical health concerns. Counselling can help people to alleviate feelings of distress and resolve various crises. Also, in case of a more severe mental problem, you can consult online counselling India.

Their skill set includes-

    They assess healthy aspects and various strengths of patients.

    They are also concerned with the environmental situation of the patients that affect their behaviour.

Depending upon your situation and other several factors you can seek a psychologist to battle your mental issues. My Fit Brain will help you by providing online counselling India.

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