Farbah Oil For Male Organ Enlargement

Penis size can be a sensitive problem for men. Pills, injection, surgery, and medicines have been tried to enlarge penis size and erectile dysfunction. For several men, the average size of their penis can lead to dissatisfaction on their own. There is no safe and effective method known to do this. Save your money by not opting for the projects and medical treatment that promise you otherwise. The above-mentioned procedure can be risky, which will do more harm than good. The surgical method and injections are generally useful in cases like if the man is suffering from penile trauma or disorder that affects the size and function of the penis. If you are unhappy with your size and are looking for a safe method to enlarge your penis, why not try Farbah Oil.

It is an Unani proprietary oil made from precious herbs used in Unani medical stream. The oil is an ayurvedic product for external use only. There are several benefits and uses of this product.

    It can help the men to overcome premature ejaculation. This is one of the most prominent problems faced by men of every age.

    The oil is used as a stimulant of the male organs.

    It is also effective for the muscles thickness of the penis.

    The application of the oil enlarges and thickness the male reproductive organ naturally.

    It also helps men to build more stamina and give strength to the male organ.

Farbah Oil Ingredients-

The ingredients used in this oil are derived from nature; therefore the oil is safe to use and doesn’t cause any harm to its users.

    Jund Bedastar or Castorium – it is one of the ayurvedic ingredient found in nature known to enhance the strength of the penis.

    Kharateen Musaffa or pheritima posthuma – It helps in improving the thickness of the penis.

    Aqarqarha or Anacyclus pyrethrum – this ingredient holds other benefits including the ability to increase blood circulation in the penis, resulting in stronger and lasting erections & better sexual performance. It is also known to increase the width and length of the male organ.

    Roghan Zaitoon or Olea europaea – like other constituents, this ingredient is known to to eliminate the weakness of the penis and bring desired stiffness to it.

Usage of the oil

The Farbah oil should be applied and massaged gently on the upper part of the male organ, and soft inner muscles should be avoided. It is advised to use this product for 45 days only. Prolong use can have side effects, therefore should be avoided. Though the number of days the oil can be used differs for every individual. The daily use of the oil is also not recommended unless an Unani doctor prescribes it. It increases the sexual performance of the male but doesn’t treat any disorders like impotence. It provides long terms results to its users. You can buy Farbah oil from Kikitrader.com at affordable prices. 

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