Hempushpa syrup – An Answer To All Women Related Issues

As indicated by a national wellbeing survey, about 13% of ladies beyond 18 years old are in poor health conditions. Not exactly 50% of ladies beyond 18 years suffer from one issue or another related to their menstrual cycle which causes excessive bleeding or painful cramps.  Over 40% of women in India are obese, therefore have many digestion issues.  20 million ladies experience the ill effects of dietary issues. Some of the health factors are beyond anyone control; there are many things you can do instead of taking medicines in case of ailments. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are a few of the things that can improve your overall health. Today, we will talk about the powerful Ayurvedic medicine used to cure many diseases of women. Hempushpa syrup is a liquid tonic made from naturals ingredients used in Ayurveda. It is taken by women who are thin and weak as it provides a supplement to the body.

 Since its price is low, it is used by many women of all ages to get rid of menstrual cramps, cure hormonal imbalances, gastric problems and so on. Other than that it is also good for those girls who are trying to gain weight. Moreover, this tonic has proved to be healthy for pregnant women also.

The ingredients of this syrup are as follows-

Any syrup is effective just because of the natural ingredients found in them. It is made out of numerous herbs. Along these lines, there are such a significant number of health advantages for women who use Hempushpa syrup. 


Consumption of this herb gives more strength to the reproductive system of ladies. Therefore, it is considered the best medicines to take during pregnancy. It also helps to get rid of skin issues. It improves your immunity, and the restorative property of this herb relieves mental pressure and anxiety.


It is one of the most powerful ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicines because of its healing property. Likewise, it encourages you to be free from tension, and depression and so forth. This herb is mainly taken by the women who are suffering from infertility issues as it balances the level of hormones in the body. It additionally helps in a situation like menopause or pregnancy.


It is utilised to treat such issues like infertility in women, and irregular periods caused by PCOD. 


Punarnawa is used in the treatment of kidney and urinary maladies. It is also an energy booster and keeps you away from cancer. 


It aids all stomach related issues like infection, acidity and so on. It is exceptionally useful in numerous period-related issues.


It is an excellent tonic for ladies’ which helps in the improvement of reproductive organs and stomach issues. This herb also increases the chances of getting pregnant and increase the production of milk of the mother of newly born. It likewise helps in many menstrual problems and balances the hormones level of the body.

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