Lean Construction Planning – Changing Construction Process

A journal on Lean Construction was published in 2009 which pegs the proportion of non-value added or waste produced in a construction venture at 55% to 65%. The paper was called Creating Value: A Sufficient Way to Eliminate Waste in Lean Plan and Lean Generation proceeds to state, “Creating value is an ideal approach to decrease waste generation in construction.”

Obviously, the construction business is gravely broken and needs fixing. How does a business ascend and address the difficulties of client interest for higher quality, improved profits, and the lack of skilled labourers? The initial step is to put away the traditional methods of construction and adopt a time tested solution called Leanstation Lean Construction Planning .

Why should construction project managers think about Lean as an approach to improve their company? Here are some enlightening actualities about the Indian construction industry:

    70% to 85% of construction time is spent fixing the errors

    The typical construction labourer works at 40% efficiency

    Shortage of skilled and qualified workers

    Clients are disappointed with the low quality, showdown, intemperate change requests, and planning delays

These are some issues faced by Japanese organisations like Toyota back in the 1950s. Lean Station can help remediate the dire conditions mentioned previously. While Lean philosophy is no silver bullet, lean construction offers generous upgrades to the issues confronting the construction business. If the construction firms want to flourish in the 21st Century, at that point, they should advance toward lean philosophy.

Why so Much Waste?

Construction ventures are divided into different areas. Commonly subcontractors do their work dismissing what they do affect other subcontractors works. We consider this the “toss it over the wall’ attitude. One useful division ( for this situation subcontractor) finishes its piece of the undertaking and tosses it over the wall to the following department (subcontractor) who tosses it back over the wall since it isn’t right. This attitude of workers diminishes the performance of the whole project creating quality and timetable issues.

Lean construction planning is another approach to oversee construction. Numerous individuals object since they trust lean is an assembling procedure and has no application in a “one of a kind” industry like construction. The objective of Lean Philosophy is to boost productivity, maximise value, and finish the project on time. Inventory reduction, and reduce waste utilising methods like a one-piece stream.

Therefore many new construction companies are applying lean standards to construction in order to improve their efficiency and reduce the cost of the project. Applying lean rules to building truly implies applying them to project management. This change includes mapping the construction process, deciding the most proficient workflow and building a pull system. As a project manager, you can start by taking a gander at what the finished job should be like, and after that work in reverse, recognising each step in advance. Downstream procedures figure out what the upstream procedures will be and when they should happen. Taking this perspective on the undertaking will enable you to control the work process.

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