Role of Chartered accountants in a firm

The responsibility of a chartered accountant is increasing with the rapidly changing economy. In order to keep pace with the growing economy and imparting the responsibilities, the chartered accountant profession is in great demand. All the organizations need a good accountant which ensures them good profit earning. Chartered accountant firms MSassociate ( hire qualified and experienced chartered accountants who play some of the major role in the finance of a company. Some of the most important roles of a chartered accountant are-

  • Accountancy

They are responsible for the maintenance of the accounts as well as preparation of financial statements. It includes services from simple book keeping to carrying out of financial analysis.

  • Auditing

One of the most essential skills of a chartered accountant is his judgement capability and specialization training. When a company gets auditing done by a chartered accountant it ensures the user of the statements and everything presented before them has been prepared according to the correct principles of accounting. The proper functioning of a company largely depends on the correct financial statement since it is the only representation of the financial condition of a company. Thus it is important to have a well experienced chartered accountant since a wrong financial statement leads to a bad impression.

  • Taxation

A chartered accountant is responsible for the preparation of tax returns, assessment of representation before the income tax authorities. He also provides advice regarding taxes to his client. Assessment of taxes is largely linked to financial accountancy.

  • Cost accountancy

A manufacturing firm has a huge importance for a chartered accountant when it becomes to cost accountancy. The accountant is responsible for ascertaining the cost of production as well as the costs that are incurred at different levels of production. The control and establishment of appropriate selling price is one of the major roles of a chartered accountant.

  • Special company work

The services of a qualified chartered account become very important during the formation and liquidation of a company. In such times, the chartered accountant takes up the role of the secretarial and registration work as well.

  • Investigation

The chartered accountants are involved in the investigations which are carried out in order to ascertain the financial status of a company during purchase, sale or reconstructions.

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