The Basics of Court Marriage in Chandigarh

Court relational unions are altogether different from the conventional marriages which by and large happen in the middle of all the family and relatives by following every one of the religious ceremonies. The court marriage in Chandigarh occurs in the sight of a marriage officer. In the court marriage, any two people who are qualified can wed each other with three observers present from either side of the couple getting married. There is no requirement for any customs to solemnise the marriage. Presence of a marriage officer and three observers is sufficient. The principal significant thing in court marriage is that it ought to fulfil the standards and guidelines of the marriage act of 1954.

Any people of various sexual orientations regardless of their station and religion can wed each other through the court marriage. It isn’t even obligatory that both the people must be of Indian nationals. There can be one Indian national and one foreign national too.

Marriage Registration by Advocate Lokesh

Marriage registration is an official declaration which expresses that two individuals are hitched. In India, Marriages can be enlisted under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. For both the kinds of relational unions, marriage registration is the official declaration that a couple is hitched. In the year 2006, the Supreme Court made it mandatory to enlist the marriage for saving the rights of the women. Henceforth, getting the marriage registered after the wedding can have numerous advantages.

The marriage registration certificate is an imperative record while applying for a passport or opening another bank account with the spouse’s surname after the wedding. Additionally, if you are applying for a visa, numerous government offices request a duplicate of the marriage registration authentication. Thus, marriage registration is obligatory for couples moving to foreign countries. 

Principles and Regulations of a Court Marriage in Chandigarh:

1) There ought to be no previous marriage for any of the couple. The special case is, the past partner isn’t alive or is divorced.

2) Consent for the court marriage ought to be given by both couples.

3) Both the gatherings should have qualified age to get a court marriage. The male ought to be 21 years of age and the lady ought to be 18 years of age.

4) Both the couples opting for court marriage should not be related to each other by blood.

Standards of Marriage registration 

1) Though both the gatherings are fit to give consent, neither of the couples should be unsound.

2) Neither of them ought to be exposed to epilepsy or craziness.

6) The gatherings are not inside the scores of disallowed relationship except if the custom or convention administering them permits of a wedding between the two.

7) The gatherings are not a linear predominant of the other (sapindas), except if the custom or convention winning grants of a marriage between the two.

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