Types of hair wigs that are available in the market

Hair wigs are the simplest way to achieve a new image of yourself. Whether you want to hide your hair loss or looking for some exclusive way to style your hairs, a hair wig can guarantee you an ideal makeover.

If it’s your first time in purchasing a hair wig, then you might be surprised there are a hell lot of different types available in the market. Hair wigs price in Delhi differs for types of wigs such as custom made wig and a synthetic one. A real human wig is made from real hairs that are sewn together into a hair cap. Of course, due to its excellent quality and custom design, these hair wigs don’t come cheap whereas synthetic hair wigs are made by machine in mass numbers by synthetic material like nylon. The synthetic wigs are less expensive as compared to human hair wigs. Also, the length of the hairs on the wig matters, as longer hairs wigs are more cost than short ones. There are many types of wigs like men and women wigs that you can buy at different prices.

Here are the different types of hair wigs that you can choose from when looking for your perfect wig.

1.    Ready-made hair piece

These are easily available at online stores, local beauty shops and hair vendors. These wigs are pre-styled and synthetic. The readily made wig comes in one size that can fit any head size. The prices of these wigs are set and are not much expensive and are usually budget friendly.

2.    Lace Front hair piece

These are made from natural hairs with a hairpiece which just look like your natural scalp. The hair strands are sewn into the hair cap and can be part in one or two ways. They are expensive than ready-made wigs as they are made from natural hairs.

3.    Full lace hair piece

These wigs are also constructed from human hairs and lace cap. This versatile wig gives the power to the wear to part their hairs in any direction. The unlimited styling options are available with full lace wigs whether it is a ponytail or an up do. They are made by braiding the strands of hairs into the cornrows. A full lace hair wigs price in Delhi is quite high depending upon the quality of hairs.

4.    Custom wig

Custom wigs are created for a specific person with their preference and style in mind. These are made by professional hair wig maker from a lace cap that fits your head and hairs of your choice sewn onto it. They cost more than full lace wigs because of their high quality and specific design to suit your needs.


Planet of the hair cloning understands the stress people go through when they are suffering from permanent hair loss. That’s why we come up with hair wigs price in Delhi for different types of wigs. Get natural looking, and shiny hair pieces that will bend naturally and no one can find out that you are wearing a wig. 

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