What Are The Online Services Offered By Chartered Accountant Bangalore?

Years ago we have to go to an office of the chartered accountant firm but now any company can available the CA services from the various online portal. It’s very difficult to find a CA to manage the needs and requirements of a company. But with the help of internet, you can find various firms offering CA services in your region. With a single call, you can get the assistance that your business needs. There are many legal CA firms who are working in providing online CA services to business out there.

What are the services offered by Chartered Accountant Bangalore ?

    Company Registration online

    GST registration and returns

    Income tax filings and accounting for business

    Trademark, Patent and copyright services

And so on.

1.    Audit and assurance

It is possibly the most important services offered by an online CA firm which requires specialised training, skills and judgement. An audit is done to asses a business’s account to determine if they are a fair representation of the company’s account details.

An audit provides comfort to the user of the company account that is done by an auditor. An auditor provides the assurance services after the line by line assessment of financial records of a company. The primary objective of an audit is to give assurance to the board of directors that the financial statement is accurate with applicable services.


With a number of taxes on that a company has to pay, current tax information has become essential for business management. The taxes assessment is linked with the financial accounts of the company. The Chartered Accountant has experience in accounting and taxation which is an advantage for any business to preparing for the tax returns, representing assesses to the Income-Tax authorities and giving advice on the taxes levied to the clients. Other than that a CA firm will also take care of the various taxes that a company has to pay including State and Local Taxes, International Tax Services, Tax Planning Services, Business Tax Preparation, IRS Tax Problem Resolution and much more.

Cost Accountancy

A Chartered Accountant in Bangalore is also trained to keep in check the costs of production and processes at different levels of the company. They are equipped with providing costing information for the guidance of business management, the introduction of cost control methods and assist the administration in finding best selling prices.

Business Planning

All companies have a starting point, which is built by a chartered accountant. Business planning services include:

    Business plans for development

    Business restructuring and debt organisation

    Wealth building and restructuring

    Sale of business

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Transaction and Advisory Services

    Business Valuations

    Enterprise Risk Management

    Internal Controls

    IT Risk Management

    Financial Planning and Management

    Personal and Financial Information Management

    Estate Planning

    Retirement Planning and Succession Planning

    MIS and Decision Support System

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